Thrift Shopping Benefits

We all know that shopping at Thrift Stores can be a great way to find amazing deals on collector’s items and brand-name items. But did you know that there are huge benefits to shopping at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store? Here are even more reasons why shopping at a Rescue Mission thrift stores should be at the top of places to shop.

Benefit #5: Frequent Change of Items in Stock

Rescue Missions Thrift Stores are always getting new items in stock. That means more choices in top name brand clothing, home appliances, sporting goods, and electronics. That also means you’ll have more luck in treasure hunting at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store. It’s no secret that you can find amazing things at your local rescue Mission Thrift Store.


Benefit #4: Pay for Pennies on the Dollar and Pay Zero Sales Tax

One of the best-kept secrets about shopping at Rescue Mission Thrift Stores is that customers pay NO SALES TAX on all in-store products. We all know that sales tax can take a toll on your purchasing power. Rest easy knowing that what you see is what you get when you shop at any Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

Benefit #3: Designer Clothes and Top Name Brands

Why spend hundreds of dollars on name-brand jeans, shirts, and women’s clothes when you can buy the exact same items for just a few dollars. It’s no secret to the seasoned bargain hunter that you can find new or slightly used name-brand clothing articles for just a few bucks. So the next time you are out looking to buy new threads, check out your local Rescue Mission Alliance Thrift Store. You’ll find some great threads while helping your community. It’s the right thing to do.

Benefit #2: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Every year Americans throw away a tremendous amount of clothes and consumer products that senselessly end up in our landfills. The environmental impact of dumping perfectly fine goods is detrimental to the planet on which we live. By shopping at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store, you are helping preserve the environment by reducing landfills, pollution from factories, pollution from semi-trucks, jet fuel, and exhaust from cargo ships. The simple act of shopping at your local thrift store has a significant impact on our planet’s environment. Help reduce your carbon footprint by shopping at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store. Mother Earth will thank you for it.

Benefit #1: You are helping build a Better Community

In addition to all the financial and environmental benefits of thrift store shopping, there is one major benefit that you can be really proud of. Every time you shop at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store, you are helping people gain job experience. Part of our rehabilitation program is to get our people back to work and become productive members in our community. But that’s not all. Every dollar you spend at The Rescue Mission helps us fund our Rescue Mission Programs which help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and provide recovery programs. Help us build a better community by simply shopping at your local Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

While there are many benefits to shopping at our Thrift Stores, know that by shopping here you are doing a great service to the community, the environment, and your wallet. Thank you and God bless!