Donation FAQs

Are my online donations secured?

Yes. The mission’s website is equipped with a secure server to process your credit card donation.

Can I setup an automatic monthly gift to the mission?

Yes. You can elect to make a one-time gift or make a recurring donation using our secure online donation page.

What do you do to protect my privacy?

We value our donor’s privacy and never sell, rent or share our mailing list with anyone. For online donations, the mission is committed to using a secured server to protect personal information. Click here to read our donor privacy policy.

Can I direct how my gift will be used to help people?

Yes. You may direct your gift to the area of need that is most important to you, or you can designate your gift to where it is most needed.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Rescue Mission Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations. Contributions to a charitable organization are generally deductible by individuals who itemize their deductions on their tax returns. We recommend you consult with a tax professional regarding how your contributions may impact your tax situation.

How can you provide a meal for $2.17?

The mission receives food donations and volunteer support which helps us reduce our cost to provide a meal. Any support we receive above and beyond the cost of meals goes toward providing shelter, education and Christian care throughout the year.

How much of the money given to the mission goes directly to your programs?

We are committed to keeping fundraising and administrative costs as low as possible. 85 cents of every dollar spent goes into programs, directly helping homeless and hurting people with food, clothing, shelter, and other care.

Do you participate in telemarketing?

The mission’s call center makes calls in the community to let them know when we will have a donation truck in their neighborhood to pick up gift in kind donations. The mission also makes calls to people that have a history of donating to the mission.

Is there really no sales tax on thrift store purchases?

Yes, we do not charge sales tax on the items we sell in our thrift stores. In our thrift stores, we provide job training, offer low-cost goods to the community, and 100% of the net proceeds are put to use feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and helping people become productive citizens again.

Does the mission participate in door-to-door solicitations?

No. We have never required or suggested that homeless men, women and children participate in door-to-door solicitation in exchange for food and shelter. Thanks to the support of our community, all mission residents are provided for during their stay at the mission. If you encounter someone claiming to be a staff member or client of the mission at your door asking for money, please politely decline and inform the mission by calling (800) 417-5678.

What is your primary source of support?

The majority of our funding comes from caring individuals. We also receive generous support from churches, foundations, businesses and other organizations. The mission does not receive government funds.

What kind of donations do you accept?

There are many ways you can support the mission. We accept gift in-kind donations of clothing, toys, food, household items, and hygiene supplies. The mission does not pick up individual items exceeding 60 lbs.

We accept the donation of automobiles, boats, and RVs. We provide free towing service and take care of all the paperwork. Click on Vehicle Donations for more information.

Monetary donations are always appreciated. There are creative ways to give to the mission through estate planning, stocks, mutual funds, and real estate.

How many people are homeless in my community?

The Rescue Mission Alliance provides services to the poor and homeless in four counties. On any given night there are…

  • Over 9,200 homeless people in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County
  • Over 4,500 homeless people in Ventura County
  • More than 2,600 homeless people in Santa Barbara County
  • Over 3,100 homeless people in San Bernardino County
Are your doors always open?

Yes. We provide services to the homeless community 365 days a year.

When you provide food, clothing and shelter to homeless people, aren’t you just enabling them?

The mission applies a “hand up” approach to offer refuge, recovery and restoration to our guests. Often times, a changed life begins with a hot meal, served with love. Providing for their immediate needs opens a door to address their greatest need. Many of our guests have been inspired by the participants in our life recovery program and our caring staff and make a decision to leave their life on the streets and become productive citizens. Whether there’s a need for addiction recovery, job training, further education or how to find healing from a devastating past. The mission staff and volunteers are there every step of the way to help them change their lives for good.

Does a person have to be a Christian to get help at the mission?

No. We want to help everyone who comes to the mission – those struggling with addiction, domestic violence or needing to find a permanent place to live. We want everyone to be free from homelessness, hunger, addiction, and violence regardless of their religious beliefs.

Can I hire men and/or women from the mission’s programs for odd jobs such as yard work, moving, cleaning?

Generally speaking, men and women in our residential programs are not available to hire for miscellaneous jobs. However, men and women in the transition phase of our programs are encouraged to seek full-time employment to successfully transition to independent living.

How do I or someone I know get into one of your programs or receive services?

You can call the numbers below to contact the various ministries or click on the program links to learn what is offered.

Ventura County Rescue Mission (805) 436-4602
San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission (818) 785-4476
Valley Food Bank (818) 510-4140
Central Coast Rescue Mission (805) 614-0220
Victor Valley Rescue Mission (760) 955-5958