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Bringing the farm to our community, and helping nonprofits in the process

Bringing the farm to our community, and helping nonprofits in the process

Coldwater Farm Hub, a local food hub and farm box small business run by Ashley and Steve Marlowe, have announced to their customers that they will be selling pomegranates with all proceeds going to the Valley Food Bank.

They launched their small business, partnering with Los Angeles farmers market vendors and other small businesses, at the beginning of the pandemic. They had heard from farm vendors that they had gone from selling at 20 markets down to just four, and were struggling to make those markets profitable. At the same time, they heard from many friends and neighbors concerned about going to grocery stores and that delivery services were at capacity. The Marlowes felt compelled to do something.

At the end of March they started a business and are still going strong! They have helped local farmers sell over $150,000 of produce. Coldwater Farm Hub is a very small business—just the two of them—but they hope to continue to grow and help their community so long as there is demand.

A huge part of the mission for the farm hub is giving back to the community as it relates to food supply and fresh produce. They have partnered previously with other non-profits with donated and coordinated food donations for fresh produce bags at COVID testing sites.

Coldwater Farm Hub, thank you for your creative ways of supporting our “Fighting Hunger – Feeding Hope” campaign.